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about D3DX9_43.dll file
D3DX9_43.dll file is small app or codes library needed by some progarams or games know more ...

Windows errors related to D3DX9_43.dll

You may experience problems when running certain programs or games and be the cause of error in the dll files D3DX9_43.dll and may be because of corruption in the file D3DX9_43.dll Located in the Windows operating system.

Steps for repairing dll errors after downloading D3DX9_43.dll file:

  1. COPY D3DX9_43.dll file and PASTE it inside your app or game directory .

  2. you can also use it globally by putting file inside widnows os just by putting it in appropriate folder :

    • if you are using Windows XP, Vista, 7 -32 bit just put it inside:
    • if you are using Windows Windows XP, Vista, 7 -64 bit just put it inside:
    • if you are using windows 95-98-Me just put it inside::
    • if you are using Windows NT/200 just put it inside:

    In some cases, if the error is not fixed we will do these additional steps:

  3. Open "Start Menu" and choose "Run" .. You can also access the Run command by pressing the Windows logo key "+R"

  4. And write "regsvr32 D3DX9_43.dll" Then press "OK" button To register "D3DX9_43.dll file in Windows operating system.


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